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 Architectural 125
 Barred Elements 14
 Baseplates 77
 Brackets 6
 Bricks 184
 Containers 34
 Electrical 49
 Heavy Equipment 54
 Magnetic Elements 5
 Minifigs 211
 Moving Elements 81
 Natural World 40
 Panels 49
 Plates 100
 Signs & Flags 44
 Rack Elements 3
 Round(ed) Parts 14
 Slopes 100
 Technic Elements 209
 Themed Elements 60
 Tiles 79
 Vehicle Elements 217

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Partsref: A LEGO® Elements Catalog
Partsref provides links to several sites with detailed LEGO-element information.
  • Set Inventories. Prepared and maintained by Dan and Jennifer Boger, this major inventory site has over 1000 sets inventoried, with more being added all the time. It also provides parts-to-sets cross-references, availability of parts by color and year, full part searching, and set inventories with part images.
  • Jim Hughes' Technica Element Registry. This site should be visited, just to appreciate the design. The information available is more than outstanding, as well.
  • James Jessiman's Unofficial LEGO parts listing. Now hosted on! This site is a bit challenging to navigate, and has not been updated since 1997. But there is availability information for many pieces!
  • Set Inventories on LUGNET. The set inventories in this area also provide descriptive names for many parts. Tim Vattima's contributions include a reference listing for each piece, showing which sets include the piece.

You should also check out:

This database contains information, images and links for many LEGO elements/pieces/bricks. These resources are presented here for anyone to reference as needed. Currently, Partsref contains all and only elements that have been created for LDraw. In other words, it is far from complete. Eventually, Partsref may include information and images for elements which have not been modeled in LDraw.

This catalog should be easy to use. To browse the catalog, choose one of the categories listed above. To search for a specific element, use the search box at the top of the page.

Building Image URLs
To reference an Partsref image directly, after you've tracked down the number for that part, use the following URL format.<partno>.gif

Note: you may link (as in, Yes, it's OK) directly to these parts images from an off-site web page.

Partsref was created by Steve Bliss. Hosting and Search Engine are provided by LUGNET. LDraw is the intellectual property of the family of James Jessiman. LDraw modeling by James Jessiman and the contributors to the L-CAD parts updates. Images generated with LDLite 1.6. Some LEGO element designs are the intellectual property of The LEGO Company.

last updated: July 8, 2002

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