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Besides the standard-gray catalog images, Partsref also provides colored images of LEGO elements. Most of the different LEGO colors are included. No attempt has been made to limit the images to only include color-element combinations that The LEGO Company has actually produced.

Just like the main Partsref image-base, this resource includes all and only elements that have been created for LDraw.

Note: These images are presented here for anyone to reference as needed. You may link directly to these parts images from an off-site web page. To repeat: Yes, it's O.K. to link directly to these images from your website.

Image Reference URLs
To reference a part image directly, you must already know the LDraw number for that part. Use the Partsref search engine to track down the part number. Then use the following URL format.

 Search Partsref<colorno>/<partno>.gif
So referring to an image of a 2x4 brick in blue requires a URL like this:
Chart of Available Colors
Images for all parts from LDraw are available in the following colors.
Black - 0
Blue - 1
Green - 2
Teal - 3
Red - 4
Dark Pink
Dark Pink - 5
Brown - 6
Light Gray
Light Gray - 7
Dark Gray
Dark Gray - 8
Light Blue
Light Blue - 9
Bright Green
Bright Green - 10
Turquoise - 11
Light Red
Light Red - 12
Pink - 13
Yellow - 14
White - 15
Mint Green
Mint Green - 17
Light Yellow
Light Yellow - 18
Tan - 19
Light Purple
Light Purple - 20
Glow in the Dark
Glow in the Dark - 21
Purple - 22
Violet-Blue - 23
Orange - 25
Dark Transparent Blue
Dark Transparent Blue - 33
Transparent Green
Transparent Green - 34
Transparent Red
Transparent Red - 36
Transparent Gray
Transparent Gray - 39
Light Transparent Blue
Light Transparent Blue - 41
Transparent Neon Green
Transparent Neon Green - 42
Transparent Yellow
Transparent Yellow - 46
Clear - 47
Transparent Orange
Transparent Orange - 57
Sand Red
Sand Red - 335
Sand Green
Sand Green - 378
Sand Blue
Sand Blue - 379
Sand Violet
Sand Violet - 373
Dark Red
Dark Red - 320

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